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A beautiful bumble bee embroidery pattern instant download.  Using only a few colours and very simple techniques you can stitch this little chap in a day or two.  It is suitable for intermediate and experienced stitchers alike and those new to silk shading will be amazed at how easy it is to achieve a smooth, graduated look.


The instruction book is in a pdf format, so you can download it to your iPad and view it on screen or print it onto paper.  With 17 full colour pages of highly detailed instructions you will find this pattern relaxing and simple to make.


Transfer the pattern onto plain fabric to frame, or onto clothing, bags, towels, hats, bedding or wherever you like!  You can of course use the pattern again and again so it is totally possible to make a whole range of clothing or homeware with this beautiful embellishment.


Two files are in one pdf.  One is the instruction book which can be viewed on your iPad (through Books) or printed onto paper.  The other is the actual sewing pattern, instructions on how to use it are in the instruction book.

Bumble Bee Embroidery Pattern Download

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